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Hospital/Physician Relationships –
Comprehensive Services

There’s no magic formula for achieving your goal of creating the right type of relationships with the medical staff. This is an effort business and valuable physician relationships are effort-driven. That’s why, at the very onset, it’s so important to do the work to evaluate where you are and where you want to be. At Barlow/McCarthy, we can help you define what your organization needs now and wants for the future. We can also help you put those goals into a clearly defined strategy — so that early on in the process you can get buy-in from key players. That makes all the difference moving forward.

A Continuum of Relationships

All organizations face fresh challenges, new sources of competition, changing market demands and uncertain futures. The smart money, however, is on organizations that can look around the next corner and anticipate challenges. Fortunately, we have a rich heritage of helping hospitals navigate a range of challenges and offer comprehensive and inter-related serves from marketing, human capital strategy, and hospital-physician relations. Together we can bring your hospital and physicians into sync with one another.