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Physician Practice Development and Practice Marketing

Organizations are adding physician practices to their networks at an increasing pace. For the employed physicians, there is an opportunity to provide active practice development support. Recognizing that each practice has a unique personality, Barlow/McCarthy can provide support to ensure both the hospital and the practice benefits. We customize our solutions to your practice and culture to ensure our approach is in sync with the hospital’s organizational objectives and has the ability to demonstrate clear and measurable success.

The key elements of a best practice approach offered through Barlow/McCarthy include:

  • A thorough due diligence to understand the current dynamics impacting fundamental elements such as:
    • Brand position
    • Patient perception and experience
    • Access and service readiness
    • Service delivery
  • Assistance to ensure alignment between consumer and patient marketing and physician field activities, as well as coordinating the messages for all audiences.
  • Analysis of current referral patterns within the employed network to identify potential risks in referring outside of the system.
  • A model that stays true to each clinic’s personality and incorporates proven strategies and tactics that are embraced by the physicians and staff who will be an important link to implementation.
  • An action plan that clearly defines the necessary steps to growing and retaining business for the practice.
  • A system that tracks and measures progress as defined in a goal-setting phase during plan development.

Our role in this work can range from providing best practice standards to defining your strategy and approach, to creating a playbook for the implementation and/or to assisting in the rollout of the action plan.

Patient Experience Starts in the Practice

Delivering a superior patient experience is a market differentiator.  As you think about the best approach for you, start with one of the key access points into your enterprise – your employed or affiliated practices. What are your patients experiencing during their interactions with these practices? We believe the experience is influenced at the very first phone encounter by two factors: Access and Service.

The mystery shopping service provided by Barlow/McCarthy is designed to objectively measure and identify improvement opportunities in three key dimensions: Access, Service and Process. The service provides customized solutions, including a well-defined methodology, comprehensive data collection, thorough qualitative and quantitative analysis and reporting with a focus on tactical recommendations.