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Physician Recruitment

The physicians you recruit are a reflection of your organization’s values. At the same time, those physicians will consider themselves to be on the level of senior leadership. Therefore, it’s critical to make the right match when doing physician recruitment . While most organizations hop right to it, we believe you have to take the time to talk about it and define the criteria you’re looking for successful physician recruitment. We know you put a lot of faith in us, and we promise to deliver with the best people for the jobs. We have the knowledge, creative thinking skills and intuitive abilities to listen, respond, make keen judgments and get skilled physicians on board and dedicated to a long-term partnership.

• Develop medical staff and plan for annual physician recruitment.
• Plan for succession to support long-range goals.
• Recruit in-house and staff start-up, from role design to hiring.
• Staff for the interim.
• Assess and re-tool existing programs.
• Coach existing staff and physician leaders.
• Source services.
• Track and measure progress.

Physician On-boarding

At Barlow/McCarthy, the best physician on-boarding starts with a disciplined plan to integrate all new physicians. Getting started on the right foot is critically important to physician satisfaction, enhanced performance and physician retention. Our approach recognizes the importance of local healthcare/medical ownership and the obligation to have several “touch points” with local staff and physicians. The physician on-boarding plan is always customized to the specialty, background and personal and professional needs of the physician.

Physician On-boarding: Tactical details

• Critical success factors for physician on-boarding optimization.
• Infrastructure, including organizational process, timeline and team.
• Colleague-Mentor options.
• Disciplined roll-out of actions for the practice, hospital and community elements.
• Tools and templates for activities such as tracking turnover, orientation schedule and operational checklists.
• Post physician on-boarding assessment/measures of success.

In addition to physician on-boarding, Barlow/McCarthy works with employed physicians to ensure a strategy is in place to optimize their relationship and referral base, we call this practice optimization.