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Physician Relations – Physician Sales

Face-to-face connections with physicians and their practice have become a staple for creating the right relationships to grow or retain referrals. Developing real solutions to hospital-physician challenges requires carrying out your commitment to your physicians – especially important is considering the details of structure, staffing and recruiting. At Barlow/McCarthy we can help you take the pulse of your physicians by conducting positive-approach discussions with your medical staff. We have the industry insight, hands-on experience and people skills to get your physicians to open up and speak candidly. Knowing the undercurrents, we can help you build an effective model and staff — or retool your current model. With the right model and team in place, you’ll see: Everything goes more smoothly.

Physician Relations: The New Model

  • Plan new relations model
  • Business plans & targeting
  • Support team hiring, including selection tools
  • Design roles
  • Develop management
  • Conduct sales training: classroom and field training (basic and advanced)
  • Develop sales messages and positioning
  • Tracking: assessment, development and software training
  • Measure results and ROI

Physician Relations: Retooling and Existing Program

  • Coach existing staff and leadership
  • Assess teams, review & refine strategies
  • Define which programs are operationally ready for positioning to physicians
  • Identify “hot” issues that must be managed within the organization
  • Create internal sales and communications plans