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Physician Retention & Physician Loyalty

When it comes to physician retention many organizations (in large part because of their extraordinary workload) put extensive effort into physician recruiting, but once on board, they take their eye off the ball. Such organizations believe (or hope) that if they hire well upfront, everything else will fall into place. Reality is: over time, things tend to fall apart.
In today’s highly consequential healthcare environment, complacency is ruinous. It’s more important than ever to stay on top of your physicians’ needs and expectations to achieve physician retention, as well as stay in-tuned with industry innovations and marketplace competition. In the end, physician retention of the best talent determines your ability to deliver cutting-edge healthcare. And while physician retention of new doctors is important, organizations must recognize and value those members of the medical staff who are loyal and dedicated to their core values. Physician retention of this audience can not be left to chance.


Physician Retention Strategies

  • Work with senior leadership to enhance physician loyalty
  • Work with medical staff for collaboration
  • Develop physician leaders
  • Improve communications and physician relations
  • Practice development and physician on-boarding
  • Practice building for owned or private practices
  • Practice development for new physicians